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Azeen A. Khan, Psychoanalyst

Azeen A. Khan is a licensed psychoanalyst with a private practice in Manhattan, New York City. In addition to working with adults, she also works with children (all age groups) and adolescents.

A Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis, from the moment of its inception in the practice of Sigmund Freud, has constituted an invitation to speak. With time, each analysand’s speech comes to be organized around what is difficult or impossible for them to bear and, therefore, speak about: their symptom, that is, their very specific mode of jouissance. 

A Lacanian psychoanalysis offers each analysand the possibility of inventing a new way of making do with their symptom. Through acts of speech addressed to an analyst, one can begin to find singular and satisfactory solutions to old and repetitive ways of being and responding.


I invite you to begin the process for yourself.

Lacanian Orientation

Further information about the Lacanian Orientation may be accessed through the websites of the New Lacanian School ( and the World Association of Psychoanalysis ( 

For English language journals of the Lacanian Orientation, refer to The Lacanian Review and Psychoanalytical Notebooks. For French language journals, refer to La Cause du désire  as well as Quarto. These journals are available on the online bookstore of the École de la Cause Freudienne (

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